LED Energy Savings Calculator

LED ROI Calculator
Usage of Bulb
Hours Per Day Hours
Days Per Week Days
Existing SystemProposed System
Existing Fixture QuantityProposed Fixture Quantity
Wattage of Lamp wattsLED Fixture Wattage watts
Ballast Factor CandelaUtility Rate $
Utility Rate $Installation Cost Per Fixture $
Estimated Industry Average $Proposed Fixture Cost $
LED Energy Savings Calculator Results
Hours Per Year = HoursExisting Energy Use = Kwh
Fixture Wattage = wattsExisting Total Energy Cost Per Year = $
Yearly Maintenance Cost = $Proposed Energy Use = Kwh
Proposed Total Energy Cost Per Year = $Establish Installation Cost = $
Establish Fixture Cost = $Total Cost of Proposed System = $
Yearly Energy Savings = $Annual Savings = $
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