Spring Calculator - Helical Compression

Helical (round wire) Spring calculator, for designing and manufacturing compression springs. To calculate the rate, enter the wire size, diameter and number of coils required to construct the spring. The new improved Helical Compression Spring Calculator allows you to print or email the calculations for later reference.

Spring Calculator - Helical Compression
Physical Sizes
Enter all known physical dimensions, metric or imperial by suffixing with relevant notation, e.g. 12mm 1cm 0.5in etc. (default is inches)
Results (detailed calculations and formula below)
Wire Diameter (d)
Diameter - Outside (Do)
Diameter - Mean (D)
Diameter - Inside (Di)
Free Length (Lo)
Solid Length (Ls)
Total Coils (N)
Active Coils (n)
Rate / Loadings
The rate can be suffixed with kg/mm kg/cm N/mm N/cm lb/in (default)
Spring Rate (S)

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